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April 13th, 2015 by

Mailbox Rental, Mailboxes, PO BoxesWouldn’t it be nice to have a single, reliable address for all your mail and packages? Wouldn’t it be a relief to have an address that offers privacy and security with a full-time professional to sign for accountable mail and delvieries? Discover the convenience of our mailboxes and more at Pak Mail in south Peachtree City.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Pak Mail offers private mailboxes (PMBs) in three different sizes with an array of customer benefits. First and foremost, your mail and deliveries will always be secure.  You are the only one with a key to your box, located safely in the well lit entry of the Pak Mail @ Wilshire Pavilion store.

Unlike some other mailbox services, you can receive not only US mail but also deliveries from FedEx, UPS, DHL, private couriers, and even air and truck freight!  We offer call in service to save you an unnecessary trip only to find that there was no mail for you. We will notify you of parcel deliveries via yo9ur choice of an email or phone notification. Finally, with our customized forwarding services we can forward your mail to you.

Who would use a PMB? Here are a few examples of folks who have used our boxes:

  • contractors or technicians who spend their time on a job site and can’t be home to receiver deliveries
  • an entrepreneur or professional with a home based business or home office
  • someone with many roommates who wants to keep his/her  mail private
  • new residents who are waiting for a house to be available.
  • property managers who need a place for tenants and contractors to mail checks and invoices
  • a sports league or neighborhood association that  wants a permanent address rather than one that changes each year with new officers
  • a retired couple who live in their RV and need their mail forwarded to wherever the road takes them
  • a business, professional, or search committee who need a confidential place to receive resumes
  • a bride and groom who need a safe place for wedding gifts to arrive
  • residents of security apartment buildings or condos who need a place to receive orders purchased on line
  • ebay traders who do not want their home address associated with the treasures they buy and sell
  • someone who is planning a surprise birthday or anniversary party
  • a scholarship or grant committee who need an address to receive applications and donations, even if they come overnight
  • an author or artist who does work under a professional or pen name.
  • a class reunion committee

With shipping, SIZE matters!

January 13th, 2015 by
In shipping there is a concept called “dimensional weight”, sometimes referred to as “dim weight”. The concept is pretty straightforward. If you have a box with a bowling ball in it, you pay for the weight to ship it. That seems pretty intuitive. However, the same size box filled with feathers weighs hardly anything at all, but it takes up the same amount of room on the truck or plane as that bowling ball box. So you pay for size, or “dim weight”. You pay for the actual weight or the “dim weight” – whichever is higher.
“Dim weight” is determined by multiplying the length, width, and height of the box to determine its cubic inches then divided by a “dim factor” decided upon by the carriers, currently 166.
Air shipping has always been “dimmed” as jet fuel is expensive, however, in the past ground shipping has not had dim factors applied until the package exceeded three cubic feet – one example is a box that measures 24x18x12. That size is three cubic feet, so anything smaller would ship at actual weight. Anything larger will ship at actual or “dim weight”, whichever is higher.
This year, in addition to the regular rate increases that come every January both UPS and FedEx will begin applying “dim weight” factors on ALL shipments, ground and air, regardless of size.
What this means to you
It means many lightweight packages will see an increase in cost, not only for the yearly increase, but for the size as well. For example, a 12x12x12 box that weighs 5 lbs. and shipped via ground was charged for 5 lbs. in 2014. With these new changes, a 12x12x12 box dims to 11 lbs. so you will pay for actual weight or 11 lbs., whichever is greater.
Bottom line – if you ship large, lightweight packages your costs will increase, possibly by quite a bit. This is completely beyond our control – it’s what UPS and FedEx have decided to do to combat people using boxes that are too big for what they’re shipping and taking up excess space on the trucks.  Just think about all those non-fragile Amazon and Zappos packages you receive with multiple air pillows in them!
As always, we will continue to find the most cost effective solution for your shipping needs while using the smallest packaging possible that still properly protects your items from damage.
We appreciate your understanding that this is a carrier decision, not a Pak Mail one.

It’s the Holiday Season for the bad guys too!

November 18th, 2014 by

But not the way you might think. They go into scam-overdrive mode. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest on-line shopping days and they are out to get rich with your money. So what to look out for?

  1. At the moment, there are too-good-to-be-true coupons that offer free phones or tablets on sites all over the Internet. Don’t fall for it. Make sure the offers are from a legitimate company.
  2. Watch out for alerts via email or text that you just received a package from FedEx, UPS or the US Mail, and then asks you for some personal information. Don’t enter anything. Think Before You Click!
  3. There is a fake refund scam going on that could come from Amazon, a hotel, or a retail chain. It claims there was a “wrong transaction” and wants you to “click for refund” but instead, your device will be infected with malware.

Remember to only use credit cards online, never debit cards. Be super-wary of bulk email with crazy good BUY NOW offers and anything that looks slightly “off”. If you think you might have been scammed, stay calm and call your credit card company, nix that card and get a new one.

Happy Holidays!


October 8th, 2014 by
Halloween is this month.  Did you know that this is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year?  Here are just a few statistics to ponder:
• Close to 160 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities.
• The average amount a celebrating consumer will spend is close to $80.
• The total amount spent on costumes will approach $3 billion.
• Close to $330 million will be spent on pet costumes.
• Close to $350 million will be spent on greeting cards.
• Over $2 billion will be spent on candy.
Stop by Pak Mail @ Wilshire Pavilion in South Peachtree City to pick up your Halloween greeting cards and let us pack and ship the all the goodies to your friends and families.  And we won’t even have a scary price – mention this post and take 15% UPS, FedEx, or DHL shipping!

Partnering with our schools

March 4th, 2014 by

Pak Mail @ Wilshire Pavilion in South Peachtree City is proud to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Golf Tournament at Whitewater Creek Country Club on March 13th,  which is  helping Braelinn Elementary and Sara Harp Minter Elementary schools raise funds to acquire a program for their students called ‘The Leader in Me’ from the internationally renowned Franklin Covey Company.  The program is a comprehensive, school wide initiative which supplements educational curriculum by teaching children the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”:

  1. Be Proactive (You’re in Charge)
  2. Begin with the End in Mind (Have a Plan)
  3. Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play)
  4. Think Win-Win (Everyone Can Win)
  5. See First to Understand, then to Be Understood (Listen Before You Talk)
  6. Synergize (Together is Better)
  7. Sharpen the Saw (Balance Feels Best)

This program is in use in schools across the country.  Students learn the habits of leadership and success,  which ultimately translates into life skills.

Helping to make a difference in our community and for our children.

Holiday and Special Occasion Gift Giving Tips

December 4th, 2013 by

Pak Mail simplifies the long-distance gift-giving experience. Once you ship to your family members or special friends, your list of names and addresses are safely stored as part of your profile in our database; the next time you can simply say, “I’d like to send this to my grandson James or my Great-Aunt Kelly.”

Holiday Shipping from Colorado Springs, Gift Shipping from ColoradoSome gift shipping tips:

  • Make sure any fragile item is cushioned well before gift-wrapping.
  • Avoid giving perfume or cologne; it is considered flammable and a hazardous material.
  • Don’t ship liquor and wine. It cannot be legally shipped person to person.  It can only ship from a licensed liquor distributor/winery.
  • Avoid giving chocolates; they may melt in transit.
  • Ship perishables, such as baked goods, meat or fruit, on Monday or Tuesday during the holiday season.
  • Select small, non-fragile, lighter weight gifts if you’re on a tight budget. It can help save on shipping costs.
  • Ship holiday packages early, at least 2 weeks ahead if possible. During the Christmas season carriers encounter a large volume of packages and remove delivery guarantees as it gets closer to the actual holiday.

November 8th, 2013 by

Pak Mail Peachtree City SouthPak Mail Peachtree City South has a new website to better serve our customers. You can now track a shipment, request a free estimate, or just learn about all the great packing and shipping services we have to offer. In addition to packing and shipping we also have a complete line of business services like; mailbox rental, copy and fax, document finishing, and much more. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Peachtree City is a full service shipping store specializing in custom packing, custom crating, and small-to-large freight shipping.  We are located in south Peachtree City and proudly serve Peachtree City, Senoia, Fayetteville, Brooks, Tyrone, Newnan, South Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Request a free online estimate or give us a call at 770-486-0069.


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