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Mailbox Rental, Mailboxes, PO BoxesWouldn’t it be nice to have a single, reliable address for all your mail and packages? Wouldn’t it be a relief to have an address that offers privacy and security with a full-time professional to sign for accountable mail and delvieries? Discover the convenience of our mailboxes and more at Pak Mail in south Peachtree City.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Pak Mail offers private mailboxes (PMBs) in three different sizes with an array of customer benefits. First and foremost, your mail and deliveries will always be secure.  You are the only one with a key to your box, located safely in the well lit entry of the Pak Mail @ Wilshire Pavilion store.

Unlike some other mailbox services, you can receive not only US mail but also deliveries from FedEx, UPS, DHL, private couriers, and even air and truck freight!  We offer call in service to save you an unnecessary trip only to find that there was no mail for you. We will notify you of parcel deliveries via yo9ur choice of an email or phone notification. Finally, with our customized forwarding services we can forward your mail to you.

Who would use a PMB? Here are a few examples of folks who have used our boxes:

  • contractors or technicians who spend their time on a job site and can’t be home to receiver deliveries
  • an entrepreneur or professional with a home based business or home office
  • someone with many roommates who wants to keep his/her  mail private
  • new residents who are waiting for a house to be available.
  • property managers who need a place for tenants and contractors to mail checks and invoices
  • a sports league or neighborhood association that  wants a permanent address rather than one that changes each year with new officers
  • a retired couple who live in their RV and need their mail forwarded to wherever the road takes them
  • a business, professional, or search committee who need a confidential place to receive resumes
  • a bride and groom who need a safe place for wedding gifts to arrive
  • residents of security apartment buildings or condos who need a place to receive orders purchased on line
  • ebay traders who do not want their home address associated with the treasures they buy and sell
  • someone who is planning a surprise birthday or anniversary party
  • a scholarship or grant committee who need an address to receive applications and donations, even if they come overnight
  • an author or artist who does work under a professional or pen name.
  • a class reunion committee